More Than Just a Smile: The Story of the Boardy Barn Sticker Craze

The Boardy Barn. The name conjures images of summer fun, good vibes, and...smiley face stickers? That's right! For those who've spent a Sunday afternoon under the iconic party tent, these little yellow circles are more than just an adhesive decoration – they're a cherished piece of Boardy Barn history.

Back in the day, Boardy Barn bartenders weren't just pouring drinks, they were spreading smiles. These ubiquitous smiley face stickers became a symbol of the bar's infectious energy. Slapped on hats, shirts, even luggage, they served as a badge of honor for Boardy Barn veterans and a conversation starter for newcomers. Imagine the scene: a stranger in a far-off land sporting a Boardy Barn sticker – an instant connection forged over a shared experience of summertime revelry.

We're talking hundreds of thousands of stickers handed out over the years, possibly millions! These little ambassadors of fun traveled the globe, a testament to the enduring legacy of the Boardy Barn. They weren't just stickers; they were portable pieces of the Boardy Barn magic, spreading good times wherever they landed.

So, the next time you see a bright yellow smiley face, take a closer look. It might just be a Boardy Barn sticker, a tiny reminder of laughter, friendship, and the unforgettable summer vibes of the Hamptons.

 Boardy Barn sticker in Tokyo

Boardy Barn sticker in Costa Rica

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More Than Just a Smile: The Story of the Boardy Barn Sticker Craze


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